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Job offer information

I follow a lifeline not to be able to miss in life,
It is the worthwhile work that can contribute to the society!

I build an office building in October, 2019.
Equipped with shower room. Do you not work by a beautiful, comfortable job together?
Do you not challenge it with us in the environment that is easy to act?
Taguchi in Hadano-shi, Kanagawa goes from the spot management of hygiene, air conditioning, ventilation, the electric equipment in new construction, the repair work such as an apartment or the factory to process control.
It becomes the construction of the part which is not outstanding in life, but I have a pride as important duties to protect a comfortable living of and work hard at duties every day.
I work together in competition through work and demand the friend who can grow up together.

Merit to act in Taguchi

Merit 1

inexperienced person OK!
As there is the training system, I can learn even from an inexperienced person about work from the beginning. There is the environment that can wrestle with senior and friends for duties in what I support even after the training in peace.

Merit 2

There is qualification support system!
We support it to grow up through work. We bear the expense for qualification. As for the construction management that is a national qualification and the electric construction construction management, a place of the achievement spreads out for a technique usable throughout the life more.

Merit 3

work breathe it, and is environment!
I perform a report and information exchange of each on-site progress in a meeting of the all the members participation once a week. In addition, I aim at the efficiency of the work by arranging a question and the consultation time.

Merit 4

There is maternity leave, a maternity leave system!
As part of way of working reform, I adopt maternity leave, a maternity leave system.
Because I trouble you around, it is hard to take a holiday…You do not need to worry about nado. We support working daddy mom.

Common question about the adoption

Please tell me about qualifications
The application method
Will you return the application?
Please tell me about a flow of the selection
Even if the industry is inexperienced, is it all right?
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