In a living,Our technique is valid.
I renewed a homepage.
About us
Company profile
I offer comfortable life to all of you on a chest for a pride.
Taguchi around Hadano-shi, Kanagawa and the outskirts,Hygiene, air conditioning, ventilation equipment of new construction,
the repair such as an apartment, the factory,
I perform the spot management or process control of the electric equipment.
As important duties to be the part which is not usually outstanding,
but to come in a living
With a pride, I work hard at duties every day.
As for Hadano-shi and the construction of the neighborhood,
leave it to me by all means.
Employment information
Let's make the future together.
It recruits friends making our future and future of the customer together.
Let alone an expert person with the construction management experience,
an inexperienced person, the overseas one are welcome.
I look forward to consultation.
Consultation about duties, inquiry about the adoption
Please consult at the following casually.
〒257-0035 2-9-11, Honcho, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa 
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